Nerve Block


Nerve Block

What is a nerve block?

If your pain is rooted in your nerves, a nerve block could be an ideal solution to alleviate your discomfort. 

This innovative procedure allows the pain management physicians at  Raj Pain Clinic t and Recovery Centers to target the exact location of your pain and inject it with the right solution to bring you relief. 

Raj Pain Clinic and Recovery Centers offers nerve blocks for the:

  • Spine
  • Neck or base of the skull
  • Face and jaw
  • Shoulders
  • Joints, including the knees and hips
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Pelvis
  • Tailbone and buttocks

This type of pain relief is effective virtually anywhere you experience nerve pain. 

How does a nerve block work?

This treatment works by blocking the nerves that send pain signals to your brain. Numbing the nerves that create pain sensations in your body brings you fast, effective relief. 

During your nerve block, your Raj Pain Clinic and Recovery Centers specialist uses medical imaging, such as an ultrasound or fluoroscope, to guide a needle to the nerves causing your pain. They then inject those nerves with a solution formulated to address your specific pain. 

For example, if the nerves themselves are the issue, they inject a numbing solution that brings you direct pain relief. If inflammation is the root cause of your pain, they inject the area with anti-inflammatory medicine. 

Nerve blocks are highly effective and, because they have no risk of dependency or addiction, significantly safer for pain management than opioid use. 

Who can get a nerve block? 

If your pain is rooted in your nerves, your provider at Raj Pain Clinic and Recovery Centers talks with you about your nerve block options. 

This treatment is ideal for patients with a variety of pain issues. If you have chronic pain, for example, nerve blocks are an effective way to stop your pain so you can improve your quality of life. 

They’re also effective for people who only need short-term pain relief, too. For example, some patients choose to get a temporary nerve block after surgery so they can heal with minimal discomfort. 

To find out if a nerve block is right for you, call Raj Pain Clinic and Recovery Centers or book your appointment online today.