Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Regenerative Medicine

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself when given the proper resources. 

Whether the body needs new tissue to replace dying tissue, stem cells to convert to healthy cells to combat disease, or a replacement organ, regenerative medicine can deliver. 

In other words, regenerative medicine makes up for shortages in the body by introducing healthy, living cells, tissues, bones, and organs. This way, the body has the foundation it needs to build better health. 

While regenerative medicine has received a lot of attention due to the increasing use of stem cells in medical treatments, it’s far from new. Tissue and organ transplants are examples of regenerative medicine that have been practiced successfully for decades. 

How does regenerative medicine work to alleviate pain?

Regenerative medicine can put a stop to your pain and allow your body to heal the root cause of that pain. It works by using your body’s natural healing ability to regrow damaged tissues.

By giving your body what it needs — whether that’s an influx of healthy cells or growth factors — regenerative medicine can help relieve: 

  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain

In many cases, pain management focuses on administering cells (in the case of stem cell therapy) or platelets (in the case of platelet-rich plasma) that help your body heal. 

These treatments are delivered through a simple injection, giving patients pain relief with a fast, minimally invasive procedure. 

What type of regenerative medicine is right for me?

Which regenerative medicine is right for you depends on your specific condition and what causes your pain. 

The goal of regenerative medicine is to use healthy cells or tissue to enable your body to heal, so your regenerative medicine treatment is tailored to your body’s specific healing needs. 

If you’re interested in exploring how regenerative medicine can support your body’s natural healing processes and minimize your pain, don’t hesitate to talk to the dedicated team at Raj Pain Clinic and Recovery Centers. 

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