Spinal cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation

What is spinal cord stimulation?

Spinal cord stimulators are small devices that your experienced provider at Raj Pain Clinic and Recovery Centers can implant in your body to block pain signals in your spine, delivering relief from chronic back pain. 

Introducing a spinal cord stimulator to your body can lessen the need for pain management medications while ensuring you sleep better and move comfortably through your day. 

How does a spinal cord stimulator work?

These small devices send low-level electrical signals to electrodes strategically placed along your spine. The generator that creates those electrical signals is also implanted in your body, usually in your upper buttocks. 

To control your spinal cord stimulator, you have a remote control. Whenever you feel back pain, you use this remote to activate the generator to send electrical impulses along your spine. 

This prevents pain signals from reaching your brain, delivering pain relief when you need it. Most spinal cord stimulators allow you to adjust the intensity of the electrical signals they send, helping you best manage your pain. 

Some spinal cord stimulators modulate your pain sensations into a tingling sensation most patients describe as pleasant. 

If you’d rather feel no sensations, newer devices offer sub-perception stimulation. These devices block any sensation, preventing both pain and the tingling caused by traditional spinal cord stimulators. 

Who can get a spinal cord stimulator?

The Raj Pain Clinic and Recovery Centers specialists recommend spinal cord stimulation when other, nonsurgical back pain treatments aren’t effective at relieving your pain. 

With a minimal procedure, spinal cord stimulation is a treatment that can help alleviate your discomfort before you have to resort to full-scale back surgery. 

If you’ve tried to find a solution for your back pain but to no avail, talk to Raj Pain Clinic and Recovery Centers about spinal cord stimulation. 

With the wide range of stimulators available, the pain management experts can help you find one that’s right for your body and your lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to explore this new, effective treatment option.

Call Raj Pain Clinic and Recovery Centers or schedule your appointment online to learn more about spinal cord stimulation today.